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The Dalston Parish website is being reconstructed. This will take some time, so please be patient and check back regularly. If you have any material for this website, then please contact the webmaster


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The Parish of Dalston is situated a few miles south west of Carlisle in the County of Cumbria. The Parish consists of the village of Dalston, including Bridge End, and the hamlets of Raughton Head, Stockdalewath, Gaitsgill, Cumdivock, Unthank, Lingey and Cardewlees. The total population of the parish is 2590 with 1140 houses in Dalston village and the hamlets. About 63% of the population reside in Dalston village and Bridge End (* figures from 2011 census).

Parish Council Elections 2014

In 2014 there were 16 candidates for 15 Parish Council seats. The turnout was excellent. However, a flaw in the process was noticed when electors only tended to vote for the candidates whose names they recognised. This resulted in the previous member for the Raughton Head, Gaitsgill and Stockdalewath part of the parish losing it's representative on the Parish Council. There was too little time between the parish being told that an election would be necessary and polling day.

Click here for more information about members, area representation and committees.

Dalston is currently prepararing a Neighbourhood Plan. This is a community led spatial plan which has statutory backing from the Localism Act 2011. A Neighbourhood Plan can:

  • Decide where and what type of development should happen in an area.
  • Include policies, such as design standards, which take precedence over existing local planning policies.

The proposal to carry out a Neighbourhood Plan was announced at the recent Annual Parish Meeting. Leaflets were distributed to enable residents to start the involvement process through a very simple questionnaire. If you have such a questionnaire, please ensure that you return this to the Dalston Co-op drop box or post through the Forge Green letter box.

Volunteers are required to assist the steering group. If you are interested in helping with this process, please contact the Clerk here.

The GRANGE is the new 121 house development in Dalston starting spring 2014. Click the map below to view a larger version and click here to view the full list of street and road names in the development.

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