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The Jubilee Trails portrayed on the map below are intended to provide a general idea of a possible arrangement of paths and improvements to be submitted on the funding application to Natural England. Nothing will be finalised until such time as there has been a public consultation on the proposal.


New additions to Dalston's Rights of Way network All being well and with some volunteer effort, two additional special routes should be in place later in the autumn. Both are designed to encourage non-walkers to have a go at a footpath walk, and both stemmed from the realization that, as a nation, the British don't exercise sufficiently or often enough. Walking in the open countryside is known to be one of the best (and the cheapest) forms of exercise possible for body and mind. Yes, we know it's usually wet underfoot and it rains a lot in Cumbria but, believe us, suitable outdoor clothing can turn a miserable outing into a fun one.


A 'Smile' is a measured RFG mile dotted around the parish. There will be roughly twelve in all, although there could ultimately be more, and they will make use of all the dead-end footpaths of at least a half-mile in length. The 'Smile' logo will be appearing on roadside ftngerposts during the autumn months. To assist users to find their way on the path, there will be distinctive 'Smile' waymarks on a yellow disc with a blue arrow showing the way. There will also be a map on the RFG website with the location of each Smile.

Circuit Extra

'Rcx' stands for Redspear Circuit Extra and is an extension to the popular Redspear Circuit around Caldew School which was opened almost ten years ago. RCx is on the opposite side of the B5299 Carlisle Road and can be entered either via the footpath alongside the railway cutting, or via the footpath on the left-hand side the other side of the road bridge approximately 100 yards further on. The Extra circuit has been made stile-free and therefore suitable for trundling baby-buggies. Unlike the main circuit, however, wheelchairs can be used with caution when conditions underfoot permit. The Extra circuit is not all hard-surfaced and inspection is recommended before using a wheelchair or a stroller.