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Founded in 2005  by two Raughton Head residents, Redspearlands Footpath Group (RFG) draws its membership from users and supporters of Dalston's attractive network of footpaths, bridleways and byways. The name Redspearlands is taken from the Parish of Dalston's historic location within the Leath Ward of the Royal Forest of Inglewood. In the middle ages the forest bailiffs, known as 'red spear men', kept law and order on behalf of their masters. Their red-painted spears are recorded as being some six-feet in length and were carried by the mounted bailiffs as a deterrent to anyone attempting to poach the king's game. The bailiffs' employers were Knights of the Honor of Penrith and occupied substantial farm manors known as 'red spear houses'. Of the fourteen red spear manor houses that once existed in Leath Ward only one, Thackwood Nook, near High Bridge in the Parish of Dalston, still stands.

Redspear House


Full and Associate membership is open to anyone aged 16 years and over whether or not they reside within the (Civil) Parish of Dalston. As well as participating in the monthly walks programme, full members frequently involve themselves in ‘hands on’ footpath and bridleway ground work such as overgrowth and undergrowth strimming and various minor improvement projects. Associate members are generally happier simply being supportive of the Group’s aims and objectives and participating in an occasional monthly walk.

RFG is a Constituted Voluntary Community Group. It has an Executive Committee comprising Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. The Group’s Year runs from January to December, with an informal Annual General Meeting held no later than the end of March of the following year.
Membership is offered in two categories:
Full membership with a right to vote at AGMs
Associate membership without voting rights
Full members pay an annual membership fee of £5, Associates £3.

Click here to download a copy of the RFG Membership Application Form. (PDF format)
Click here to download a copy of the Standing Order Payment Form

Click here to see the Group's Constitution.