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An Award Winning Family Care Home
The Laurels Care Home
Care Home
The Laurels is one of the leading providers of quality care in Cumbria since 1975
10 Norfolk Road
01228 527972
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Kathreen Burns

 The Laurels' philosophy is founded on the premise that each person is an individual with different needs and interests. The Laurels actively encompasses individual values, beliefs and personal relationships. The aim and purpose of the Laurels is to promote a homely environment, which respects a person's wishes whilst meeting their physical, social, psychological, spiritual and developmental needs.

The Laurels embraces the four key principles of rights, independence, choice and inclusion which lie at the heart of the Department of Health White Paper 'Valuing People'. Promoting independence is a key aim of the Laurels. Although people's individual needs differ, the starting presumption is that of independence. The Laurels provides the necessary support needed to maximize this. Independence in this context does not mean doing everything unaided.

Choice is at the heart of a respectful approach. The Laurels believes that everyone should have a real say in where they live, who looks after them and the care and support which they receive. In other words, every one should be able to make choices. The Laurels provides the help and support necessary to be able to make these choices. The Laurels may facilitate a person to make independent choices by working in partnership with them, their families, the Community Leaming Disability Team, Primary Health Care Trust and independent advocates such as Carlisle People First, Age Concern, Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS) and the Alzheimer's Disease Society.

Every person has legal and civil rights. The Laurels is committed to preserving these rights. People have the right to express their opinions and where necessary the Laurels will help and support people do so. The Laurels will help people with the electoral process. The Laurels works in partnership with the person, their family, independent advocates, Primary Health Care Trusts and the Community Learning Disability Team to ensure that people can express their rights and these rights are respected. Thereby, treating people with respect and dignity whilst promoting choice and enabling people to express their opinions and have both civil and legal rights.

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