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What You Have Said about Festival 2006
Total Number of Items: 19
Reference Date Entered Subject
70 09 August 2007 Festival 2006
Another fantastic event (and we are only part way through). Much enjoyed by one and all I think

58 24 September 2006 Festival 2006

56 07 September 2006 Festival 2006
All the Ebbatson family thoroughly enjoyed the festival week,and were pleased to be on holiday the 2 weeks after to recover!We particalarly enjoyed the scarecrow trial, the float procession & the friday evening in the square.

53 27 August 2006 Festival 2006
Red Toppers Festival Float. Pure enjoyment from the start.Many of us enjoyed making the flowers,putting the float together and getting our red and purple outfits on. The parade was just"magic" waving and cheering the atmosphere was quite something. It was all over to quickly but we finished with a picnic on the show field with plenty of drinks and food. What I want to say is that if you have the desire to organise a float or get the chance to ride on one next year. GO FOR IT. You will have a wonderful experience,lots of fun and make new friends. See you there Mary Walton

52 27 August 2006 Festival 2006
The festival was a really great week. One of the good things was that the week had so much variety - history, fun, competitions, street party etc. Please keep the variety in future. The street party was really nice to get to speak to everyone in the square, just as the square was intended to be used. Maybe some more market type stalls would be good.

Keep the scarecrow competition as this got many people to the village and probably increased numbers at the show.

The floats were good, but if floats are too much to do every year then have a decorated wheelbarrow competition instead, which could end on the showfield too.

51 27 August 2006 Festival 2006
it was a splendid week. i think a shorter version is a good idea, with some new ideas, although another go at the market would be good with more stalls and more music etc. a few probs with communication on times and dates and more publicity would help, especially round the village. the full monty could be every 3, 4 or 5 years - we don't want to overdo things!

50 26 August 2006 Festival 2006
A most enjoyable week,I think that to try to repeat it every year would be asking a lot. Perhaps every other year would be a good idea. I do, however,think that a repeat of Friday nights event prior to Dalston Show would be an excellent idea.

49 22 August 2006 Festival 2006
wonderful week. long weekend next year Parts of the week could become annual event leading up to the show Musical night yes Quiz night yes Scarcrows yes Street party with dancers stalls and music yes Floats yes and ? parade of decorated umbrellas for street party exhibition no new idea to find

48 21 August 2006 Festival 2006
We thoroughly enjoyed the festival and would love to see it repeated next year.

47 20 August 2006 Festival 2006
Didnt catch all the events, but the ones we did see were very good, and very well supported. Great credit due to the people who did all the work! If they are prepared to put the effort in it would be good to have another festival next year, finishing, as this time, on Show day.

45 16 August 2006 Festival 2006
Have thoroughly enjoyed the coverage of the festival. Has made me extremely proud of my heritage and reminded how special a village community is. I have printed off the photographs and displayed them on my refrigerator. Congratulations to the organisers - a great week.

Andrew Dickinson was the perfect choice for village cockerel.

A very home sick absent Dalstonian

44 16 August 2006 Festival 2006
I would like to have taken part but did not know who to contact or what was avaliable. Seems it was a bit closed to certain a click of people.

43 16 August 2006 Festival 2006
The festival brought out so many people from the Parish, but maybe next year a slightly shorter event would be better - e.g. scarecrows, street party, floats and a concert.

42 16 August 2006 Festival 2006
Thenk you very much for organising such a wonderful week - it must have involved an enormous amount of work. We went most of the events and enjoyed them all -but the scarecrows were probably the highlight. They really put Dalston on the map!! What wonderful imaginations people have. My parents were visiting from London and enjoyed the week too. Thank you to everyone involved- makes you proud to live here!

46 16 August 2006 Festival 2006
Dalston residents supported the idea of a Festival in their consultation response to the Parish Plan - they ended up with a good one in 2006! A big thank you to all those involved in the preparations, arranging the displays, manning the events,serving refreshments, making floats and scarecrows and supporting the week's activities in any way. It might be difficult to sustain such a level of interest on an annual basis and a lot of thought should go into whether to hold another Festival of this magnitude next year, rather than having a break for a year or two. Maybe some of the events could be held next year but enhanced further - the scarecrow competition, floats linked to the Show and the Square party/market. A different type of concert could be included - music appealing to the younger generation? It was great to see youngsters right through to the not so young letting their hair down and really enjoying themselves.

39 15 August 2006 Festival 2006
the festival was a great success and should be continued. A lovely surprise for my family was the pipe band that led the float procession and would include this in further festivals. Well done for those who took part and those who organised the event.

36 14 August 2006 Festival 2006
A fantastic event - well done to the organisers

38 14 August 2006 Festival 2006
While agreeing that this year's event was a great success, I think we should wait until the euphoria has dimmed a little before making a decision about next year. I suggest that the Festival Committee prepares a report on the strengths and weaknesses of what happened this year, and then calls a public meeting in October to decide what to do in 2007. Some of the constituent events may be sustainable annually, but others may not.

37 14 August 2006 Festival 2006
The Festival was a great success and should be considered for next year. Why not have some events in other parts of the Parish, such as Raughton Head Church, Primrose Hall etc.?