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What You Have Said about St Michael's
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34 31 March 2006 St Michael's
Not in favour of doing anything until there is a marked increase in church attendance and a healthy financial balance. Adding a toilet to the porch as originally suggested may be cheaper, and would keep the entrance in the present position where it is more sheltered from the prevailing wind. Why was the door there in the first place?

32 26 November 2005 St Michael's
I think the proposals are excellent in making the church building more likely to be used by more people in Dalston. The more felxible space will support lots of uses and I would go much further in removing more rows of pews, that are not entirely comfortable anyway. I think the proposals should include an electronic roll down screen and projector (mounted from the ceiling), so that presentations, films and hymn words can be projected from a computer.

31 05 November 2005 St Michael's
ideas OK, but with a markedly reduced congregation and budget deficit has it got its priorities wrong?

29 02 November 2005 St Michael's
Frankly I am not sure. While not a great attender I nevertheless value St Michaels greatly and see it as the centre of the village, both as a place and as an institution. I think that there is much that might be done to provide a toilet (perhaps behind the porch) without the need for, and the expense of, a completely new door. As for opening up the front of the church? Will that increase the congregation? Will that bring people back to church? I am certainly not convinced that this proposal is much more than a cosmetic rearrangement which will not have a very great effect on numbers, which is what is really needed. I would actually prefer to see the PCC spending money on ways and means of attracting congregation. How many new churchgoers can be added to the congregation each week? This can only be done by people and not bricks and mortar.