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What You Have Said about Dalston Library
Total Number of Items: 20
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57 18 September 2006 Dalston Library
Mrs Johnston's experience would seem to be typical of a centralised service with little or no local accountability. We need a library in Dalston.

28 22 October 2005 Dalston Library
I am at the moment making up my family tree ,and have found my grt grt grandfather James Maghie was born at Gaitsgill abt 1812 or 1817 one cencus has his father Thomas Maghie and the other John . Are there any Maghies left in the parish who maybe able to help me. James married Ann young from Scotsby Wetheral their daughter Ann was my grt grandmother .James was a vet .they had about 9 children James ,Maria ,Ann George ,Wilfred ,Thomas,Allen,Mary,John.I would be grateful for any information on any of these people.regards Elizabeth Gair

27 29 September 2005 Dalston Library
Dalston should not lose its Library

26 01 September 2005 Dalston Library
What is the County Council thinking about? A mobile service does not even begin to equate with the excellent service which we have now. The County Council should either negotiate a new lease or, better still, come in behind the Parish Council with some real money to provide a replacement.

There is a public meeting (Neighbourhood Forum) arranged for September 15th in Caldew School Hall at 7.00pm - an many people as possible should try to attend.

25 31 August 2005 Dalston Library
I feel very strongly about the Library being replaced by a mobile Van. The service in the present library is second to none, especially for the elderly. Before I moved to Dalston 3 years ago I lived at Durdar. I stopped using the Mobile Library because on several occasions it was late and sometimes did not turn up A notice was put up informing you it had been unavoidably delayed.Also if you are unable to get to the Library and your book is due you can phone up and renew it but I cannot see this happening with the Van.

One of the reasons for change is accessability. The upstairs of the present Library hold mostly Childrens Books and Computers. This surely is no reason to close it.

Nothing is too much bother with the present Librarians if you want or need anything. Can we assune these same people will work in the Van.

23 30 August 2005 Dalston Library
I am very saddened to hear of the closure of the library this will be a significant loss to many children eager and enthusiastic to read.Also I believe this will be a tragic loss for the whole community.

21 02 August 2005 Dalston Library
Dalston Library is hampered by the fact that it cannot be open more than a few hours a week and access to it is difficult for elderly people and young mothers with pushchairs. Perhaps the time is now ripe to look at alternatives and see whether it might be possible to find central village premises that could accommodate a number of different services more accessibly. What do we need? I guess space that could be used by the Parish Council, posibly the police, a library with books, dvds and internet access (all those coming through Dalston on the Cumbria way could pick up their emails) and as a meeting/committee room for different organisations. If it was on the ground floor near the bus stop, people might like to come early for the bus and pick up books, e mails, have a cup of coffee and a chat with the local policeman/parish clerk (or leave a note for them in a post box) before going into Carlisle or on the way home from Carlisle. Could the Parish Council investigate ways of regrouping activities to provide a real mini community service centre in the village? And what about youth facilities?

20 01 August 2005 Dalston Library
Our Library provides us with a great service, closing it is a backwards step. Once again we are in danger of taking away a focal point for the VILLAGE COMMUNITY. There is a definate need for a library within Dalston and it should be a place where people can meet, information (like the window displays) passed on, and should most definately not be in the back of a van!!

19 01 August 2005 Dalston Library
Please can you make every effort to keep a permanent library presence in Dalston. Future libraries need to be there as a community resource and will be important in the life of a vibrant community.

18 31 July 2005 Dalston Library
I feel the loss of the library in Dalston will be a permanent loss. Once it is gone it will not be replaced in the future. The provision of a mobile service will be very easy to withdraw. The library is an important facility for the community.

I believe the issue of the existing building not complying with the DDA is being used to justify closure. Cumbria County Council has a business lease of the premises and is entitled to a new lease. I believe it is the Landlord's responsibility to ensure the premises comply with the DDA Reg's so Cumbria County Council has no justification in saying it will not renew the lease unless the building complies. Cumbria County Council occupies many buildings that are accessible to the public within the County and it is doing nothing with many of those to make them comply so why should Dalston Library be any different? Dalston Library should remain as a facility for the village and Parish.

17 31 July 2005 Dalston Library
The loss of the library is tragic. It is well used and an important focal point in the village for many in the community and offers more than a source of books. We have used it regularly for the 12 years we have lived in Dalston. In our previous home we introduced our children to the library very young and fortnightly visits were part of life; they are now adult and always have something to read on hand. We must ensure the children of Dalston continue to have a similar opportunity. What will happen to school holiday "story times" without the building?

Does "political correctness" mean that because a few people cannot access the upper floor everyone else must be disadvantaged?

15 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
Although I don't use the Library now, it was a great asset when my children were young. It would be a shame if the children of the village were deprived of the facility. A mobile library is not adequate, the situation of the library is good as it is - accessible to all. Facilities in the village need to remain, those who may not have transport rely on them.

14 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
The library is an extremely important part of this village's life. Not only does it provide a service it also contributes an important social function where villagers meet. The library's loss will be felt particularly badly by the old and infirm.

13 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
I do not use this facility- i have lots books and am well read but i would choose to use Amazon as i like to buy books not borrow-following short term memory probs - and i tend not to read like i used to do.

12 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
The library is a community focal point in The Square. Take this away and we have lost a vital asset. A way MUST be found to get a new site somewhere no too far away from The Square.

11 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
A permanent library is an essential part of the community; not just for borrowing books, but as a point of information, local communication and social contact across all age groups. Perhaps more importantly, it is a base from which the younger age groups learn not only the value of books as an information source, but also enhance their literacy skills on an ongoing basis.

A mobile library has a temporary feel about it and will always be makeshift. A facility housed in a building has an air of permanence and on-going development of resources.

The present building also has the benefit of window displays which are used most effectively to communicate and advertise events, clubs and village facilities. This would be a significant loss to the community.

A mobile library is likely to be under-utilised and will not adequately replace the present facility which is a superb asset that must be retained and developed in more appropriate premises.

59% of Parish Plan respondents do not use the present facilities - 63% are in favour of new a new library; the message here is obvious - provide a new permanent library.

16 30 July 2005 Dalston Library
We have not used the library yet: we buy a lot of books! We can, however, envisage using it in the future, as many of our friends do.

It is a centrally sited amenity, and it also connects with, and reflects,so much of what goes on in the village. If it were to be closed now, we fear it would never be replaced and a mobile library would not be an adequate substitute.

10 29 July 2005 Dalston Library
I am outraged at the closure of Dalston library. The press release puts a good spin on the new mobile service, but nothing can substitute for bricks and mortar and the friendly library staff.

The council will have known for years that the building does not comply with the disability discrimination legislation. Why have efforts not been made to find alternative premises?

I am a chartered librarian and a member of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Prorfessionals. My children have belonged to Dalston Library since they were babies. They looked forward to their weekly visit. The library was not open for long, but was always full when we went, and there was always someone using the computer. The library staff (current and past) did a wonderful job, and greeted my children by name. I complained at various times about the substandard issue system the staff had to content with - the library should have been provided with a computer system to issue books a long time ago. I have encouraged members of Gaitsgill Parent & Toddlers group to join the library. I will not be doing the same for the mobile library. A building has opening hours - how we will remember when the mobile library visits. How can we return books out of hours?

I am incensed - I cannot being to describe my feelings at this news, which I just happened on by change in the Cumberland News.

Claire Pillar Gaitsgill

4 21 July 2005 Dalston Library
I note that the Parish Plan questionnaire shows that 63% of respondents were in favour of a new library somewhere in Dalston, but also that a disappointing 59% do not use the present facilities. It would appear that current library is mainly used by older residents and children in the 7-13 age group. If we want a permanent library facility in the village, then we must say so and keep pressure on the County Council, through the Parish Council, to help with finding a suitable site.

5 21 July 2005 Dalston Library
Would love to have a library in a community centre in the centre of Dalston. One of the great assets of Dalston is the opportunity for casual contact with other residents in such places as the library and shops, and also just walking aboutin the Square and elswhere. If we are to have a mobile library, we must ask that it stops at a number of places in the parish where it would be convenient for less mobile people