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Consultation Report





What You Have Said about Co-op
Total Number of Items: 34
Reference Date Entered Subject
302 19 October 2009 Co-op
Love the Plans for new building, Dalston has to move with the times and a larger coop will benefit everyone. Make people use the village facilities more its the only way forward. The coop as it now is no good to disabled people.

289 08 September 2009 Co-op
I think the new coop will be an asset to the village. From the plans the building looks alot better than the garage that is there at present. Dalston is after all a working village.

287 07 September 2009 Co-op
#285 says it all. It seems to me that the recent changes to the parking regulations at the schools has pushed some long-term parking into the Square, thus increasing the pressure there. Are the planners blind to the numbers of vehicles parking in the Square (and on the pavements - I even saw someone driving down the pavement at the pub the other day to get out), around the Building Society, down to the White Bridge, on the Green around the Victory Hall and on the Glave Hill car park (a rough count the other day came to nearly 90 in these areas)? Add to that the number of commercial vehicles now going through Dalston together with the cars by-passing west Carlisle and there is a sense that poor old Dalston is now swamped by traffic. Personally I don't think that the planners come anywhere near the place and just think of Dalston as a rural backwater. And what about Bridge End? Why can't the parish council do something about the garage parking on the highway (and now the owner seems to have got rid of the verges - are there no sanctions?). I sat on the bench there the other day and all I could see was a Ben Hodgson car transporter in front of me. Does this business not have a care for his neighbours?

Dalston used to be a pleasant place to live (especially along The Green), but not any more. The continual noise from the traffic is a menace, but I suppose that is only to be expected nowadays when people have to get in their cars to go 500 yards. There is quite a bit of support for the new co-op plans in this discussion, but I do wonder where these people actually live - I suspect that many of them will drive to the centre of Dalston everytime they want a pint of milk. I am not against a new co-op, and the plans look quite good (although the site would be better without these houses) but that latest idea for a car park on the showfield is disgraceful (do they know that part of the field floods?). What are the show committee thinking about?

Come on Parish Council, get this nonsense sorted out - organise some effective parking (the plan you showed at the parish meeting for the left side of the White Bridge road looked excellent - is it going to happen and, if so, when?). Oh, and while you are at it please check-up how many vehicles are now parking in the The Square all day; I think you will be surprised. I have read Mr Allison's comment, which is sensible, but is this just politics, is he actually putting pressure on the planners to do something about the traffic and parking issues in Dalston? He is nearer the action than the Parish Council.

Yours sincerely - a relatively new and younger resident of Dalston village.

286 06 September 2009 Co-op
I feel that the proposed Co-op would be a good thing for the village. At present it is very hard to push a trolley or pushchair round the existing Co-op. As in Dalston we have a lot of young mums with pushchairs and quite a number of older people who may need to use a trolley a more spacious shop is needed.

285 06 September 2009 Co-op
A majority of people in Dalston Parish would welcome a more easily accessible layout for a Co-op shopping facility. It is essential to retain this well used convenience store in the village. However, the proposed development includes 3 residential units, which restricts the amount of servicing and car parking space for the retail facility available within the confines of the site. The additional application for a proposed car parking/goods delivery area on the Show Field to address this problem, is causing concern in terms of size, layout,visual intrusion and access. The most recent plans indicate building up the existing bank and an overhang for HGV's to back into for turning off the highway. This section of the Show Field is known to flood and any interference with the bank could have implications for the nearest properties - 1 and 2 The Green. Obviously the required minimum number of parking spaces associated with the retail development should be provided, but careful consideration to this should be given in conjunction with parking requirements in the Square, outside the Building Society, on the Kingsway, down the Green and other ajoining areas. The Victory Hall owned Glave Hill car park should also be included in the overall strategy when considering these applications.

283 30 August 2009 Co-op
this village is very beautiful, clean anad tidy with welcoming people. and my family and i live here for that reason. i feel the state of the oldben hodgson site is a disgrace and has been left to ruin and to visitors to dalston its an eye sore. i truely feel that the new co-op will look tidy and fit in well with the village, it will be of a benefit to everyone, villagers and visitors alike. it is the way forward for us all,young and old. it might also help with the parking situation.

282 26 August 2009 Co-op
While the prolonged consultation and delay have resulted in a more appropriate building, I hope a decison can now be made soon, as I am becoming tired ot waiting. I am also tired of the congestion in the present Co-op

281 24 August 2009 Co-op
its about time dalston parish council actually listened to the people who live in dalston and not let half a dozen of the older residents make all the decisions for the rest of the village we all pay council tax and the village needs a bigger and better supermarket as this one in is too small and cramped when busy.

280 22 August 2009 Co-op
It's about time we had a new co-op. The current one is far too small especially for pushing prams round. New plan also looks very nice and will look a lot nicer than the current car gararge

279 22 August 2009 Co-op
In respnse to the comment made prior to me on the 20th August, I say well done and you are right! Far to much money and time has been wasted on the objections. We are in the 21st Century are we not? We need to move on and provide the village of Dalston and surrounding areas with an adequate shopping facility. Come on every on in favour record your feelings on this website to show the majority ARE in favour of the proposed plans and how wonderful do they look!

278 21 August 2009 Co-op
Think everyone needs to get with it!! So many now young and upcoming people in the village and sorry but still catering for the old!!! Say No More The Festival The Same!! Move With The Times. As others have said will keep people in the village I for one would use it far more than trailing to Asda once a week! The Village Is Getting Bigger Fact!!

277 20 August 2009 Co-op
It seem`s to me that a lot of money has been wasted on objection`s. People living in the past ages when they should give themselves a shake and say that this is 2009 not 1909. In these modern ages we want to act modern and bring Dalston in to the limelight. Or you will never know it is just a Carlisle suburb the money that it has taken on objection`s etc. could have gone a long way to building a new car park COME ON DALSTON GET WITH IT.

272 15 August 2009 Co-op
Two main items came out of the consultation of villagers 2 years ago. The first was to address the traffic problem and second, a preservation of the rural aspect of the village. The Coop will be built in a conservation area of the village and the traffic it will bring from outlying areas will exascerbate the present traffic situation. The building is too big, trying to do too much on the site. I therefore register my objection to these plans and think it should be residential, which was the original plan. Apartments would sell like hot cakes!

271 14 August 2009 Co-op
Living in the centre of the village and constantly having our entrance blocked, I welcome the proposal for a car park on the show field. The proposal is a sensible solution to relieve congestion in the sqaure.

270 14 August 2009 Co-op
After looking at these plans this is far to big. Dalston is a small village and we want to keep it that way not turn it into a small town. There are plenty of large supermarkets in town we donot need a large store. There should be no building or parking on the show field.

268 13 August 2009 Co-op
I do not think that the show field is used as a car park. This land belongs to the village and should continue to be used as such.

264 10 August 2009 Co-op
Many are concerned about parking, but will the new store attract any more car users than the present store for which there is not dedicated parking? I think not. As for the incorporation of houses, I think this it is a good idea to increase the density on this site to reduce sprawl elswhere

263 10 August 2009 Co-op
I am against the plans for a new co-op and flats at the old garge site in the village. Parking is a nightmare already and this will only increase traffic and parking problems. The many delivery vehicles will also add to problems in the village, annoying neighbours and spoiling this beautiful part of the village. Surely it would be more sensible to use the site for residential purposes as was originally intended in the sale of the land - as I understand it.

261 07 August 2009 Co-op
We are in absolute favour of the proposed plans.

The showfield is only used once a year - as an extra car parking facillity for both the coop and village the land could be utilised more effectively.

I only hope that plans for the new coop will mean better access for pram and wheelchair users as the current store does not facilitate these people.

257 02 August 2009 Co-op
It's about time we got a bigger Co-op where you can actually get a pram in and push round!

256 01 August 2009 Co-op
This design looks excellent. The car park provision is essential and I feel sensibly located. The delivery access for wagons is far better off the main road and the refuse bins are discretly located out of site.

Dalston needs to move with the times. The majority of people go into Carlisle for their main shopping. With an adequate shop in Dalston this keeps business in Dalston. (Provided they improve the quality of their fruit and veg of course!)

This facility is greatly needed. It will hopefully bring further jobs into the village. Everyone must agree with this proposal so it can go ahead as soon as possible.

Dalston cannot be allowed to stand still!!

255 31 July 2009 Co-op
Please do not spoil the showfield. In any case, people will park all over the place - existing car park, kingsway, square, down the green. The co-op car park, as proposed, will the last place in a line of places in Dalston. The parish council needs to push hard for their plans which both looked good and were sensible for the village.

254 30 July 2009 Co-op
I am in favour of the development and hope it gets built very soon. however I would prefer the extra Co-op carparking to be between the existing carpark and the surgery, maybe with some adjustments in ownership with the Victory Hall. A footway from the carpark to the rear of the Victory Hll would alos be useful

250 27 July 2009 Co-op
It is vital that Dalston has a convenience store to serve the local community, particularly for those without transport, and especially the elderly. I believe the community supports the principle of relocating the Co-op store to this site. At approximately 3,000 sq. ft. it represents a modest increase in size but, most importantly, it provides the internal layout and the accessibility of a modern convenience store with DDA compliance, to enable it to compete with the proposed Superstore at Morton.

In the revised layout, the store now has the utilities and services round the back, and the frontage aligned with the other dwellings along The Green. This seeks to address the concerns raised previously by the Conservation Officer but, in doing so it will have a greater impact on the dwellings closest to it on Glavehill and on No.1 The Green.

I wish to raise the following issues about aspects of the above application, principally in relation to parking provision in central Dalston.

In my previous submission, I made the point that the developer is trying to squeeze too much onto this site by including the dwellings and associated parking. That is still my view. It is also the view of the Parish Council who have urged you to reject this main application in favour of a small development more suited to a rural, village environment.

Issues relating to increased vehicular traffic on Townhead Road close to the junction with the B5299 will presumably be addressed by the Highways department as part of the TIA and risk assessment.

The access now goes directly by the Victory Hall (VH) car park. This may well lead to abuse of the VH car park by the Co-op customers. I assume that the Victory Hall Committee have been formally consulted on this matter as a body or group affected by the scheme?

The amended scheme under 09/0358, now includes a substantial car park on the Showground land, with provision for 23 cars, plus reserved spaces for the residential units. This provision is far higher than that required for a 3,000sq ft store, calculated according the standard formula. It also provides the turning space for the vehicles servicing the Co-op store. (I assume that the Showground Committee have also been formally consulted?). To recover his outlay, it is reasonable to assume that the developer may wish to exercise the right to set conditions and charges on this additional car park, quite separate to the Co-op store.

Although I was unable to be there myself, I understand that a significant number of residents attended the last Dalston Parish Council meeting and expressed their concern about the use of this land for a car park. I note that the Parish Council rejected this scheme by a majority vote and were in favour of a full review of parking provision in Dalston.

This raises an important issue about the democratic process. The Parish Council were pressed to hold back their application for their car parking project on Kingsway, until the Co-op application and the associated car park had been considered. The Kingsway scheme evolved as part of the Local Plan following extensive consultation with the community, Highways and other bodies, to develop a parking strategy for Dalston. No parking charges are envisaged. At a separate meeting the PCs original proposal for 40 spaces adjacent to the Kingsway had overwhelming support. The subsequent increase to 60 spaces was intended to support the Co-op Plan, but in my opinion it should now revert to the original 40 spaces.

The underlying objective is surely to provide a modern convenience store to serve the residents of Dalston. Houses and car parking provision are separate issues. I urge that consideration of the Co-op application be limited to the provision of sufficient parking to provide for their scheme in accordance with the standard formula, however that is to be achieved.

The relative merits of alternative parking schemes, could then be considered in consultation with the community, and measured against the scheme developed by the Parish Council. In my view it should not be a bolt on to a planning application for something completely different. This is an opportunity for all agencies  Highways, Carlisle Planners, PC, Community Groups (such as Victory Hall, Show Committee, residents) to participate in an agreed way forward to solve the growing problems of traffic and parking in Dalston.

Trevor Allison

246 23 July 2009 Co-op
The plans look very acceptable, a big improvement. Hopefully the current COOP will make a useful parish office and the Kingsway will benefit from some lanscaped car parking too.

245 22 July 2009 Co-op
Can I ask that we fast forward to a time when the current plans have all been scuppered. Because of space constraints the Co-op decides it does not want to be in Dalston and we are left without a supermarket. Ben Hodgson decides that selling motorhomes is very lucrative and comes back to the Blains site from which he will sell motorhomes. Perhaps then the parish council might wish they had approved the plans.

243 21 July 2009 Co-op
Please no parking on the showfield - keep it as open space. What happened to the plans for the kingsway which we saw at the big meeting?

242 21 July 2009 Co-op
I would agree with the general comment that the development is too big, although I do not object to a development which takes full consideration of the need for minimal disturbance of the households in close proximity. I am not in favour of ANY of the Common land being subsumed by this scheme, which appears to me to be the case.

244 21 July 2009 Co-op
i have just seen the plans for the garage site and cannot belive that we need anything as big as this. A small co-op maybe, but why all these houses?

241 20 July 2009 Co-op
As usual the rumour mill is grinding out its product. This time, it is said, that the wider members of the show committee are not in favour of the land at the top of the show committee being sold off for a car park. Why don't they get it stopped if this is true? Of course the co-op should not get access to that part of the showfield and instead the people of Dalston ought to have a say in a proper parking plan for the village. I think that the parish council got it about right when it said that a building on that site ought to be smaller than that proposed and that a parking plan should be worked out taking the square into account. If those that run the show are happy to sell land for this and that, where will it all end?

240 19 July 2009 Co-op
Proposed car park on Show Field. This car park is for the use of residents and their visitors and customers of the coop.The store is to employ 4 full staff and 14 part time staff so they will all need a car park. There are 15 businesses around the square that have problems with parking and the coop are to get a massive car park all to themselves. How will this help parking in the square? Why have plans been withdrawn for parking up Kingsway.I understand that nothing can be done about the square untill thy provide alternate parking for the people that park there all day.The proposed car park will not help them.I understand that the entrance to the new car park will be from from Townhead Road opposite Glave Hill using the same entrance the car park already there.This is at a very narrow and often congested part of the road and is not suitable for artic lorries to use.Once the lorries have got in and unloaded where are they to turn?I can only see that they will have to turn in the car park.Surely that is not safe.Its says in the planning application that they anticipate most people will be walking to the store.I think not.The increased traffic on Townhead Road will be unacceptable.It is under preasure all ready.We certainly need a new Coop but we do not need any houses at the moment.There are plenty for sale at the present time.A tasteful designed one story building for the coop with a few car parks would be acceptable.A large building with houses and a massive car park is one more step to being a TOWN.I was dismayed at the last parish meeting when a couple of councillers said the parish needed it but I would put it to them that the people around Glave Hill do not not want the extra traffic, noise, lighting etc and they do not want to see the show field sold to an outside developer.We Dalstonians have been very proud and supportive of Dalston Show and is part our lovely village heritage and the field should not be sold.

239 15 July 2009 Co-op
it is a good looking plan a lot better than the damage done to the church or the ugly addition to caldew school both without a outcry iam all in favour of it it is about time we moved into the 21 century

238 14 July 2009 Co-op
Seems like the Architect has put a lot of effort into the design, i hope the builder builds it well. We do need a new Co Op.

237 13 July 2009 Co-op
This would seem to be the 3rd set of plans which have been produced this year for this site. While the size of the building remains large, it would seem that the developer has heeded the view which suggested houses on this site. A mix of 3 houses and a replacement Co-op must be a compromise.

The proposed car park on the Showfield, on the other hand, looks a mess and would seem to be out of character in the Dalston conservation area. We need a better plan for parking in Dalston.