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Dalston in Bloom

Dalston in Bloom

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The Making of a Garden (click image below for the story)

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Dalston Festival 2016
Dalston in Bloom Twitter Feed

Christmas Trees in St Michael's

18 sponsored and decorated Christmas Trees in St Michael's Church. Lots of Dalstonians and visitors came into the Church to see the trees and listen to the Border Concert Band.

Click here for pictures

Dalston Christmas Market 2016

The 2016 Christmas Market was bigger than ever before with huge crowds coming out to see and buy from the many stalls. Click for pictures.

Dalston Selected for Britain in Bloom 2017

As a result of winning a Gold Award in the 2015 Cumbria in Bloom competition we were nominated to represent Cumbria in the 2017 Large Village category of Britain in Bloom. This is a great honour for Dalston.

Dalston will be assessed for our efforts in three main areas:

  • Horticultural achievement
  • Community participation
  • Environmental responsibility

Dalston wins SILVER GILT at the Britain in Bloom Awards Ceremony 2016
The 2016 Britain in Bloom Awards Ceremony was held at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham. There were over 500 representatives from the best villages through to the outstanding large towns in the country, so we really felt that we were representing the best of the best as far as large villages were concerned.

In the large village category there were two gold awards, to Barwick in Elmet and Hillsborough respectively with Hillsborough winning the Best in Category award.

Silloth and Kendal also won Silver Gilt awards and Kendal won a special award for Overcoming Adversity in 2016.

The top Champion of Champion award went to Ahoghill in Ulster.

This is a fantastic achievement for Dalston and all our wonderful volunteers should be very proud of the reward for their efforts in 2016.

Dalston wins GOLD at the Cumbria in Bloom Awards Ceremony 2016, for third year running

All Aboard the Dalston Express for Britain in Bloom Judging

After quite a wild night of wind and rain and an early morning start from some of the volunteers, our two judges were collected from Carlilse and proceeded around the village calling at all the scheduled stop overs.

Ben Hodgson provided a top of the range vehicle for the tour.

We started with a wow at the Mill Race and Forge and finished the tour with a visit to the the Flower Festival, also a wow.

Click here to view a slide show of some of the pictures taken during the judge's tour.

The judges liked the wonderful Flower Festival - click here for pictures.

Dalston Britain in Bloom Portfolio Published - click here to download

The Jubilee Garden


The Making of a Garden

by Stewart Hudson

Click here to download the story

July 2016

Shillies complete the entrance to the Station

The area alongside the access parth to the Station has been tidied-up with some shillies purchased from Dalston Aggregates.

Just needs a couple of planters.


This cutting appeared in the Dalston Crack section of the News and Star on 30th June, but has only just been sent to the website.

It is a very good account of the fabulous work done by all the volunteers at Dalston Station. This was an It's Your Neighbourhood entry in the recent Cumbria in Bloom judging day and was highly rated by the judges.

The station is looked after by a group of lady gardeners, but they have now been joined by the Station Adopters Group, which is more Cumbria wide.

Fran Wilcock runs the Station Gardening group and Cynthia Millar the Station Adopters.

While fantastic work has been done by all the volunteers this and in previous years, the Cumbria in Bloom judges were particularly impressed by the plans for the future.

Click image to enlarge

Tree vandals strike on Mitchell Brow.

Over the weekend of 22nd July a 12 year old oak tree and a couple of cherry trees were cut down by vandals. These trees are in the Dalston Conservation Area, so this constitutes an offence, which has been reported to the police. Click here to view the damage.

A few pictures from a visit to RHS Tatton Park Flower Show Friday 22nd July 2016

Click here toview the pictures

During July we have had the build-up to Cumbria in Bloom judging on Wednesday 13th. We believe that this went very well. The judges seemed to like what they saw and commented favourably on many things. With three It's Your Neighbourhood entries to judge the tour took longer than expected, but it did act as a great dress rehearsal for Britain in Bloom judging on Monday 8th August.

July began with the commemoration of the first day of the Battle of the Somme on 1st July. Caldew School presented a very moving commemoration ceremony at the Dalston War Memorial featuring the school orchestra, choir and soloists. Year 7 pupils had previously filled boots, decorated with poppies, with plants grown in the school nurseries.

Click here to view a picture gallery

June 2016

Mrs Lilian Wannop, as the oldest guest, being presented with her framed picture by the Chairman of the Festival Committee, Mr Alan Dinning. Mrs Wannop was assisted by her Carer, Jane

12th June 2016

Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday Street Party

The Dalston Festival Committee organised a hugely successful party on the Kingsway attended by about 300 Dalston residents and lots of children

The Guest of Honour was 102 year old Mrs Lilian Wannop who recieved a signed copy of the Queen's Corgie Cover of the Parish Paper, painted by Craig Mitchell


12th June 2016

Charity Open Day at Blackdish

Peter and Emma Ebbatson opened their magnificant garden for a charity fundraiser for Hospice at Home


Click here to view photographs from the event


GOLD AWARD for Cumbria in Bloom stand at Holker Garden Festival built and manned by 6 volunteers from Dalston in Bloom

June 2016

Dalston at Holker Hall

Dalston in Bloom contributes to the Cumbria in Bloom stand at Holker Hall Garden Festival

Click here for pictures from setup day

Slideshow of pictures - 6th June

Dalston in Bloom volunteers join Cumbria in Bloom on the Holker Garden Festival Stand
Left to right Chris Scales, Liz Auld (CIB Aministrator) Bobby Nichol, Anne Nichol, Adrian Faulkner, John Thompson and Alan Heath (CIB Chairman). Anna and Brian Malina also helped with the Dalston (Large Village) and Silloth-on-Solway (Coastal Resort) Britain in Bloom Finalists displays.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebrations in Dalston

Big Birthday lunch for all the residents of Dalston

Come to a Street Party on Sunday 12th June on the Kingsway

Click here for full details of this great event for residents of Dalston and their friends and relatives


April 2016 - Dalston Scouts Presented with Her Majesty the Queen's 90th Birthday Commemorative Medals

Dalston Scouts carry out many community activities including painting, litter-picking and much more. The Parish Council is pleased to present them with these medals in recognition of all that they do.

Medals presented on 29th April by Ann Byers

Chairman Dalston Parish Council

May 2016
Lots of Dalston in Bloom related activities have been progressing during May. Click here to view the News page

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Celebrations in Dalston

Dalston residents came out in force for the 8.30pm lighting of the Beacon which was part of a chain of nearly 1000. The first beacon was lit by Her Majesty at Windsor Castle. Dalston's highly experienced team of bonfire and firework display presenters from Dalston Recreation Association helped by many more volunteers such as Peter Ebbatson, Ian Newton and others put on a great show on The Green.

The successful lighting of the Beacon was accompanied by a big round of applause from the watching public. At the appropriate moment Peter Ebbatson, a member of Dalston Parish Council, led everyone in a rendering of Happy Birthday, but his three cheers seemed to be missing the final 'cheer' as he waited to try and synchronise with the first firework.

Click here for more pictures and also here on the BiB News page

The importance of bees

Chelsea Flower Show - May 2010

This very thought provoking quotation, attributed to Albert Einstein, formed the backdrop to the bee garden

'If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.

If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live'

Click image to enlarge to full size


Dalston in Bloom - Britain in Bloom Volunteers Coffee Morning - St Michaels 19th March 2016


Click here for more information about this very successful event

2016 will be a great year for Dalston. Not only will the village be participating in Cumbria in Bloom and Britiain in Bloom, but some of it's key village community organisations reach major milestones. The Gardening Club will be celebrating 25 years and the Flower Club has reached its 30th anniversary. The community celebrated 10 years of the Dalston Festival in 2015, a great achievement for all those who have organised the event for all those years.

The RHS has published the following chart showing the well established benefits of participation in both Britain in Bloom and our own Cumbria in Bloom.

BiB - Britain in Bloom; IYN - It's Your Neighbourhood

This year the theme for the Dalston Festival will be Britain in Bloom. While the Festival is about fun and activities for all ages, this theme will be expressed in scarecrows, decorated garden gates and wheelbarrows.

Dalston Festival Week, which starts on the 6th of August, will be busy, with lots going on in all of the great Dalston venues, will be the week when the village is judged in the Britain in Bloom competition.

Visit these pages regularly to find updates on our progress and everything you need to know about Dalston's entry in the 2016 Britain in Bloom competition.
Here you will find out about special projects, lists of our sponsors and our diary of activity during the year leading up to the August judging day.

You can also follow the many Community Activities taking place in Dalston, starting with the Festival Market held in The Square just before Christmas 2015.

Click here for the list of community events.


RHS Britain in Bloom Greening Grey Britain Campaign

This year the RHS are launching a three year campaign called Greening Grey Britain., aiming to transorm grey spaces into green places. In 2016 the RHS are focusing on how gardens and green spaces can support our health and happiness. The following nine ideas are being promoted:

  1. Reduce pollution - some plants excel at trapping dust pollution that can cause breathing difficulties, for example establishing an evergreen hedge between the garden and the road.
  2. Contact with nature - this provides great benefits for both our physical and mental health. We can encourage wildlife by planting pollinator-friendly plants, log and leaf piles to encourage invertebrates, adding a water source or pond. For more information visit Wild About Gardens
  3. Flooding - unlike hard surfaces such as driveways and paths, the soil in beds, borders and lawns can soak up rainwater. This helps to prevent localised flooding.
  4. Healthy diets - gardening often improves diets; for example, children who grow their own food have greater preference for, and increased consumption of, fruit and vegetables.
  5. Restorative elements: Touch - for sighted and non-sigted gardeners and garden visitors, touch is a key sense in the garden. For more information visit the Sensory Trust
  6. Cooling - plants are like air-conditioning units for towns and villages. They cool by providing a shady canopy and, by giving off water vapour, they cool the air around them. This cooling effect is localised, so can help reduce summer heat waves by 2-4 degrees centigrade. For more information click here
  7. Restorative elements: Smell - fragrance can significantly effect our sense of well-being. Some scents, like lavender, can calm us down; others energise us. Scents are reminiscent of past experiences and so can bring feelings of great calm or joy.
  8. Create social places - social interaction can improve mental health, reduce isolation and increase overall life satisfaction. Community gardening is an excellent way to pull people together, transforming spaces and providing different ways that people can join in.
  9. Restorative elements: Sound - natural sounds in gardens and green spaces can help calm us and root us in the moment. For example using water features, rustling plants, grasses or trees.

Dalston has very few grey places, but as Cumbria in Bloom's representative in Britain in Bloom 2016, we can be an example in our county. If you want more information about the RHS Greening Grey Britain campaign then click here

Click here to see some examples of RHS Good Practice examples
Click here to see the best from the 2015 Cumbria in Bloom Judges pictures (you will need Flash installed)

Dalston was nominated for Britain in Bloom by Cumbria in Bloom. The Chairman, Mr Alan Heath, wrote this when nominating Dalston:
"Cumbria in Bloom is proud to support Dalston village with their entry into the Finals of Britain in Bloom. Dalston Village are worthy representatives of the Cumbria region having attained high standards in the Cumbria in Bloom Pride in Your Community Competition for a number of years. Their gold standard status is achieved through involvement of the many community groups and organisations, individuals and support from the Parish Council. All the shops and premises that border the village centre provide a variety of planted displays together giving an uplifting colourful feel for any visitor and resident. Our Best wishes go to all in Dalston giving their best throughout 2016 to impress the community and the Britain in Bloom judges". Alan Heath, December 2015
Click here for more information about Cumbria in Bloom.



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