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RHS Finalists Seminar

Dalston in Bloom

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RHS Britain in Bloom Finalists Seminar
New Finalists Presentation This semiar was conducted by Jon Wheatley and Ian Beaney with help from Sally Picken, Uppingham in Bloom.

Route Planning and Portfolios This session was conducted by Jim Goodwin and Teresa Potter. we were shown slides of some excellent examples of good practice click here to see a selection of these images.

Self Assessment This was an excellent session where we were given the previously submitted route which we had used in our 2015 Cumbria in Bloom judging day. We had to mentally consider how we would have marked ourselves against the Britain in Bloom judges marking sheet.
Section A Criteria Horticultural Achievement A1 Impact
  A2 Horticultural practice
  A3 Residential and community gardening
  A4 Business areas and premises
  A5 Green spaces
Section B Criteria Environmental Responsibility B1 Conservation and biodiversity
  B2 Resource managment
  B3 Local heritage
  B4 Local environmental quality
  B5 Pride of palce
Section C Community Participation C1 Development and continuity
  C2 Communication and education
  C3 Community participation
  C4 Year round involvement
  C5 Funding and support

This session was particularly useful as it concentrated our minds on the elements that, in the past, Dalston has been good at but, as the same time, highlighted our weaknesses.

We were encouraged to repeat this exercise serval times before judging day.

Media Training We were unable to attend this seminar, only able to cover three out of the four. However, the notes provided with be extremely useful when planning a press campaign.

The RHS will issue a press release in the coming days and when available, this will be published here on the Dalston in Bloom website.

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